Werner Herzog is one of the most influential directors in cinematic history. His work in film and documentaries remains the standard for upcoming filmmakers in the industry. His latest biographical film “Queen of the desert” hit a lot of snags due to its controversial nature, but it is finally ready to hit American theatres in the near future.

A story untold

Queen Of The Desert” is the biographical story of British journalist and adventurer Gertrude Bell. She was a phenomenal personality in her time, having worked as an administrator, spy, archaeologist, writer, and political officer.

She was a highly influential figure in the Middle East, having literary shaped the political landscape of Iraq with her actions.

The film stars Nicole Kidman as the iconic figure and she is supported by Robert Pattinson, James Franco, and Damian Lewis. The film actually first premiered all the way back in 2015 at the Berlin International Film Festival but is only now receiving a release date in America.

What to expect

The film was primarily shot in Morocco and Jordan and is sure to feature some of Werner Herzog’s trademark perspective. This is what the legendary director had to say regarding the film: “I think I’m good at casting and that’s a very decisive part of what I do. Nicole Kidman is the ideal.

She gives a performance that is unprecedented." (IndieWire).

Herzog was clearly quite impressed by Nicole Kidman's performance in the film, and says that he hasn't seen a more powerful role for a woman in the past decade. He went on to praise her control over her skill, and the chemistry she shared with Damian Lewis. He was extremely happy with his casting choices for "Queen Of The Desert," and believes it is the primary reason why the film turned out as well as it did.

The film is truly an epic in terms of scope and what it hopes to achieve. Most importantly, it brings us the story of an influential woman from a time when women had little say in shaping the world. The film is produced by IFC and is set to release on April 14th, 2017. You can catch the stunning trailer of “Queen Of The Desert” below.