AMC is one of the best networks on American Television today. Their roster includes an impressive line-up, featuring shows like “The Walking Dead," Better Call Saul," and “Preacher." In order to make things more convenient for loyalists of the network, they are working on a new Subscription Service that will allow their viewers to watch their shows without any ads.

Changing the model

According to a recent Reuters report, AMC will be launching a new subscription service that will be priced between $4.99 and $6.99. By paying this price, viewers can ensure that they can watch all AMC shows without being disturbed by ads.

This new service will not be a standalone feature like Netflix or Hulu, but will instead charge the audience on top of the existing cable or satellite service that they are currently paying. Apart from ad-free television, AMC also says that their viewers will be treated to heaps of bonus content, including behind-the-scenes extras, and digital-only series that will be produced by AMC.

What this means for the viewers

This is the first time a network is attempting to switch to such a unique model. Premium networks like HBO charge a special price in order to be make their content available to you, while subscription networks like Netflix only charge you a fixed amount for unlimited viewing privileges.

AMC is working on a middle ground, making itself available to all viewers who watch cable services, but will also cater to super fans of the network by providing a special subscription with bonus content.

If you are a fan of AMC shows this subscription service is certainly for you, otherwise you will probably remain unaffected by the major decisions being carried out by the network.

The biggest draw for AMC remains “The Walking Dead," a series that is showing no sign of slowing down. They have already made a spin-off of the series, "Fear The Walking Dead." Unless AMC adds other big hits to their name, they might have a bit of trouble getting this service off the ground.