Nicole Kidman was seen to be applauding in a very peculiar way at the recent Oscars awards ceremony. Rather than clapping her hands like every other human does, the lady acted more like a seal, as she applauded the winners. Since then, Kidman has been the talk of the town and has been widely Googled for her totally weird “Seal clapping.” Social media was rife with questions as to why she was doing this. In fact, the strange flipper impression was talked about almost as much as that huge Oscars mistake. Now two weeks down the line, we finally hear from Kidman herself as to why she applauded the way she did.

Nicole Kidman interviewed on Australian radio

Nicole was interviewed on Australia’s KISS FM on the radio show “Kyle and Jackie O,” where co-host Kyle Sandilands put forward his own personal theory to Kidman. As reported by KISS 1065, Sandilands said he believed Kidman clapped in that strange way due to the ring she had on her finger, adding that she didn’t want to damage it. He said she was wearing a ring "worth like a million dollars," of course she had to clap like that.

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Kidman immediately responded to say he was so right. Nicole went on to say she was glad he had clarified that, as it was really awkward for her at the time. She said she really wanted to clap and didn’t want to be seen to not be applauding the winners, which to her would be worse, adding that everyone would wonder why she wasn’t clapping.

Nicole Kidman didn’t want to damage that huge and beautiful ring

Kidman said the only way she could get around the problem was to clap like a rather elegantly dressed seal. According to Nicole, the ring didn’t actually belong to her and was “absolutely gorgeous,” adding that she was terrified to damage it. It turns out the pear-shaped diamond in that gorgeous ring was all of 13.58 carats.

Kidman was dripping diamonds

Besides the amazingly huge diamond ring, the value of which hasn’t been mentioned, Kidman reportedly wore cluster diamond and spinel drop earrings worth a whopping $235,000, along with a splash diamond bracelet and a vintage cluster diamond bracelet. The lady was quite literally dripping in diamonds, and all everyone worried about was her weird seal clapping.