The latest Study by Carbon Majors Database (CDP) called the Carbon Majors Report 2017 has revealed some highly scathing facts, particularly with respect to a hundred major players who are causing a gross majority of all emissions around the planet. These statistics are highly shocking, and reveal the true face of Emission problems around the world – one driven by indifference and lack of foresight.

Scathing Stats

The CDP report managed to produce some truly enlightening stats, some that are sure to leave leading industrialists feeling red-faced. According to the report, 70.6% of all greenhouse gases are being produced by only a hundred private and public enterprises.

This happened between the periods of 1988-2015.

This is truly a shocking piece of information, especially when you view it keeping another important statistic in mind – The fossil fuel industry has pumped out the same amount of emission into the air during this period, as it did in its first 237 years (since the beginning of the industrial revolution).

That is truly scary news! The 100 companies in this list have therefore created more emission in less than three decades than the whole planet produced for over two hundred years!

The giant consumers

If you dig even deeper into the data provided by the CDP, we see that just 25 public or private companies account for more than half of the global emission.

The names featured on this highly exclusive list of polluters include Private companies like ExxonMobil, Shell, BHP, BP, and Chevron. These are mostly oil companies, coal giants, and automobile manufacturers.

The public companies include the likes of China (who produces 14.3% of all global emission, by far the biggest culprit in the world), Saudi Arabian Oil Company, National Iranian Oil Co, and Coal India.

Message behind the study

The study hasn’t been devised to assign blame regarding the current emission crisis, but instead to isolate the source of the problems and recognize the unfeasibility of the current course. As Michael Brune, executive director of Sierra Club puts it: “Not only is it morally risky, it’s economically risky.

The world is moving away from fossil fuels towards clean energy and is doing so at an accelerated pace."

He also noted that those left holding investments in fossil fuel companies will notice that their investments will continue to get riskier over time.

With more renewable sources of energy available to companies than ever before, it is simply unacceptable that we continue to pollute our planet in primitive and hostile ways. The technology related to renewable energy has undergone a renaissance in the recent past, and we can now tap into the potential of our own planet better than ever. It is now time for giant corporations and Public enterprises to move away from their current paths and strive towards a better planet for the sake of our future.