A couple of decades ago it was almost unimaginable to be a comedic actor and not belong to a comedy troupe. Hollywood has gotten a lot less personal lately, and it feels more like a situation of every man for himself now. There are only a few comedy teams still operating in film and television, and perhaps one of the most beloved of the lot would be the duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco. The old buddies are going to reunite once again for an unnamed Hulu series.

Boys are back in town

It has been nearly two decades since James Franco and Seth Rogen first teamed up for the cult-classic Judd Apatow comedy show “Freaks and Geeks." The amateur actors where only in their teenage days back then, but their careers have come a long way since that fateful show.

Hulu is now working on an Original Series that will finally reunite Seth Rogen and James Franco on television, and the series is being written by Kelly Oxford. She is widely considered one of the funniest people in the entertainment business, and she also has a Twitter feed that is phenomenally popular.

The best part is that Seth Rogen’s writing partner Evan Goldberg will also be working as an executive producer on this show, which means that the highly potent trio of Rogen, Franco and Goldberg will be the heart of this project. Their most successful projects recently include the controversial film “The Interview” and the apocalyptic comedy “This Is The End."

Series under development

Very little information has been revealed about this series thus far but I guess the details are only a formality when such reliable talents are on-board.

Hulu has had a great run on television over the past two years, and is fighting hard to compete with Netflix for the bulk of the market share.

They have made some bold choices lately, most of which seem to be paying off quite well, but in this project Hulu seems to be banking on the talent to deliver the goods. With this trio on lock, it'd be a safe bet to make. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.