HBO's ‘Westworld’ was undoubtedly one of the best new shows of 2017. The western sci-fi saga captivated the audience throughout its run time, forcing viewers to guess the outcome of the interesting story line. A few viewers even had very good luck predicting the shocking course of events that led to the brutal finale in season one. Now that the dust is settled and we know where most of the compelling characters stand, it is time for a manic season two, filled with revenge, intrigue and even a man with a black hat?

The end of Westworld?

The latest narrative chosen by Anthony Hopkin’s character Ford revealed that he had begun to sympathize with the hosts and he was intent on setting them free.

But setting free hyper-realistic robots blessed with advanced intelligence may not bode well for a park that relies on using said robots for vile and raunchy entertainment right?

Well, a look at the trailer below tells us that chaos will reign supreme on "Westworld" this season, with all the major hosts extracting sweet and deathly revenge on the humans who were so inconsiderate with their sanity. We Deloris and Teddy gunning down human on horseback and loving it! Maeve is seen walking around a room filled with corpses as if they were carpet material, and for some reasons, Bernard is staring straight at a body of a dead tiger! Who killed the tiger? Why is there a tiger in Westworld? Well, these are just some of the questions that the trailer raises.

What to expect

The first season of "Westworld" could not have gone any better, despite certain audience members correctly predicting the course of events. Even that is a healthy sign, proving that the author and audience have reached a consensus on how they view the work in question.

While the first season relied heavily on setting up a cohesive story line despite using story lines set in different eras of time, the second season could take a lot more linear approach to the entire narrative process.

We have been told that season two will not kick off from the events at the end of season one, but it looks like the fallout of those events will certainly be heavily explored in the season.

Is Ford dead? That remains the big question. We know that the man in the black hat, aka future William, managed to survive the whole ordeal, or at least that’s what the trailer indicates, but did Ford pay the ultimate price for the sake of the hosts?

I would like to think that the master showman has another trick up his sleeve, and if he has been making realistic looking robots all his life, certainly he must have a doppelganger or two (or twenty, knowing Ford).

Either way, the speculations are on yet again, and he will have to rely on our imaginations until ‘Westworld’ returns in 2018 on HBO.