Kailyn Lowry is being accused of playing the victim after filing for a protection from abuse order against her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Following news of the "Teen Mom 2" star's court filing against Marroquin, viewers of the MTV reality series began weighing in on the situation -- and they aren't happy.

"[Kailyn] loves playing the poor me cards!" one woman wrote on March 2. "Still crying 'victim,'" another added. Other people commented on the news story by accusing Lowry of attempting to alienate Marroquin from their young son, Lincoln Marshall, 3.

Since their divorce at the end of last year, Lowry and Marroquin have been sharing custody of their son and Marroquin has also been seen spending time with Lowry's oldest son, Isaac, whose father is Jo Rivera. As fans will recall, Marroquin has always treated Isaac as his own and had no intention of ending their relationship when his marriage to Lowry came to a close.

Kailyn Lowry got physical with Javi Marroquin on 'Teen Mom 2'

While Lowry is now acting as though she needs protection from Marroquin, it was Marroquin who was on the receiving end of her physical abuse during a 2013 episode of "Teen Mom 2," which many fans have brought up on Twitter in the hours since her order news was shared.

"We all watch her abuse him physically and emotionally on tv?!" one person wrote in response to her request.

Javi Marroquin applauded by fans since Kailyn shared pregnancy news

Kailyn Lowry announced she is pregnant with her third child last week after facing rumors for months and earlier this week, during a live special, she revealed she is 17 weeks pregnant.

Meanwhile, she admitted that she didn't bother telling her ex-husband, Marroquin, about the news before confirming it publicly. Since the announcement, Marroquin has received tons of support from fans who have applauded him for being "cool, calm and reasonable" and always loving Lincoln and Isaac equally.

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