If you are a fan of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," then you know who Michelle Money is and love her. She joined Reality Steve on his new Podcast recently and shared a lot of things about her time on the show. She said that "Bachelor Pad" was her favorite of the three shows, but Michelle also dropped a huge bombshell that surprised everyone.

What did Michelle Money reveal?

Michelle Money shared that during her season of "Bachelor Pad," it was down to the final four. First off she shared that Michael Stagliano had no idea that his ex Holly was engaged to Blake until he saw the ring on her finger.

They pre-recorded the engagement and nobody let him know. Michelle only had great things to say about Michael.

The final four on their season of the show were Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst along with Michelle Money and Graham Bunn. The viewers saw Michael and Holly win the show, but it turns out that didn't really matter. Michelle shared that they had actually made a deal and split the prize four ways. No matter who won, they were all going to get some of the money and that is what they decided to do.

It was interesting to hear from Michelle Money in this podcast. She talked about how dating Cody Sattler was the best thing for her because it really helped her to move on and start dating again.

She isn't with Cody anymore but does have a new man in her life. Michelle seems to be doing well since moving on from the show.

Michelle also shared something huge! Her son that she gave up for adoption is now in her life. He is 19-years-old and his parents reached out to her after they saw her on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

" She is so glad that she went on the show and that this worked out for her. It was a closed adoption, but his parents had found out her last name and she also found out their last name. Michelle had been following what he was doing on social media most of his life.

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