Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin aren't on good terms, but a recent "like" on Instagram has fans in an uproar. While Lowry is certainly allowed to pick and choose who she trusts and spends her time with, fans are furious after learning that the "Teen Mom 2" star liked a post on Instagram which suggested that Marroquin could "drop dead."

After an Instagram user wrote a comment on the social media platform, which read, "F**k Javi! He can drop dead. Team Kail 100%," Lowry shockingly liked the post. A short time later, a "Teen Mom 2" viewer uploaded a screenshot of her like on Twitter and quickly, fans were blown away -- and not in a good way.

Sure, Lowry and Marroquin have had their issues, but to "like" a death post is far from rational behavior -- especially considering the post was in reference to the father of her 3-year-old son, Lincoln.

In response to the screenshot, fans fired back at Kailyn Lowry, labeling her "crazy" and "insecure." One woman wrote, "Narcissists don't care about anyone after they're finished using them!" Another said it "breaks my heart" to see someone "like" such a horrifying post.

Javi Marroquin is focused on his son

As Kailyn Lowry continues to face backlash for welcoming a third child with a third baby daddy, her former husband has promised fans that his son will be okay -- and that he will pick up the pieces.

He also shared a photo of his son on the night of Lowry's announcement.

Javi Marroquin is preparing to release a book

Marroquin is also focused on his upcoming book, which he appeared to confirm would be titled "Heartlessly Hustled" with a tweet to fans earlier today. After Lowry's recent "like," the title seems extremely appropriate.

As fans may recall, Lowry released a book titled "Hustle & Heart" at the end of last year and around the same time, Marroquin revealed he was working on a publication of his own. That said, it is unclear whether or not the project is currently tied to a publisher -- or if the book has a confirmed release date.

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