"This Is Us" is a show that drew quite a loyal following in its freshman season. The primetime drama is like a breath of fresh air to viewers. Based around the Pearson family, each week viewers tune in to see Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) with the 'big three".

Jack has quickly raised the bar of fatherhood and being a husband. He always seems to have the perfect response and knows how to relate to each of the three children in the way that will help them the most. The love he has for his family is admirable and that has lead to him being one of the most popular actors on the hit show.

What is his inspiration for his role as Jack?

When Milo took the role, he had to bring Jack to life. The thing was, he isn't a father or a husband so he had no personal experiences to draw from. That doesn't mean he had to look far, however. His own father, Peter Ventimiglia, is where he looked for Jack's inspiration. Having grown up with a stoic father, he wanted to emulate that. Milo said the first time he saw his father cry was when he was 21 and his grandfather passed away. He now realizes that his father was setting an example of a strong man with strong character for him as he became a man himself.

In an interview with USA Today he has praise for Mandy Moore, his co-star. As his on-screen wife Rebecca, the two have managed to make the marriage genuine for viewers.

The commitment and resolve they have shown is something he turns to her for. Milo said that as he looks into her eyes on the set, he is able to stand as her partner as the two pull the scenes together. She is shoulder to shoulder with him.

How Jack dies still in question.

Fans know that Jack will die and the producers have said it may be in season 3.

There has been lots of speculation as to how he passes away and fans have been discussing the possibilities on social media. The stars of "This Is Us" say it is more tragic than anyone can imagine.

For the season finale, fans were expecting a major cliffhanger. There was nothing new introduced to leave fans to worry about all summer, however. Kevin's career is still in question, Jack and Rebecca have hit a bump in the road, Randall wants to adopt and Kate wants to sing. All in all, a very successful first season.