"This Is Us" aired the Season 1 finale last night. For weeks there had been promises of an overly emotional episode, even hype about a "never before seen on television" scene. Fans geared up for something intense and when it didn't deliver, there were several fans who were upset. Social media was buzzing when it came to the ending.

The entire dynamic of the relationship between Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) changed completely. Focusing solely on their relationship and marriage was something fans had not seen before and with that, the ending of the finale has fans torn about how they feel regarding Jack Pearson now.

Can Jack and Rebecca recover?

After what was said between the two, it appears their marriage may not survive. There are a lot of theories on this, especially because in the present day, Rebecca still wears the necklace Jack gave to her. She is now married to Jack's best friend, and that has ruffled feathers with fans. As the season finale left fans hanging, Jack and Rebecca will be living separately.

Several questions about when Jack is supposed to die have been brought to the surface. Kate (Chrissy Metz) has alluded to the fact she feels incredibly guilty over what happened but could that be the split of her parents' marriage? She was the one who urged Jack to go after Rebecca which ended up causing more issues.

Season 2 will offer more information and for now, fans are left to speculate how Jack died.

Fans are disappointed

While this wasn't a terrible episode, it wasn't what fans were hoping for. Social media was buzzing with comments that were all over the place, some positive and some negative. Some fans have come out and said they enjoyed the episode and were emotional all the way through it.

Whether you were happy with it or not, the hype was a little bit over the top for what it delivered.

Season 2 will be coming in the fall and Mandy Moore discussed a little bit of what she believes will happen with Us Weekly. She admitted to being disappointed with how Jack responded to Rebecca because she believed he would have fought to remain at home with her instead of willingly going to stay with Miguel.