"This Is Us" fans were shocked when Kevin, acting on Toby's advice, knocked on the door of his ex-wife to ask for a second chance. She is the one woman he thinks of when he imagines the one he wants to grow old with.

Their relationship started when they were children. In the episode named Three Sentences each of the big three had their own birthday party. Kate invited her best friend Sophie, but was blown off when she ended up at Kevin's party. Instead of apologizing for stealing his sister's friend, he told his father he loved her.

The love of Kevin's life?

The two apparently have a long history together. Growing up together, teenage years and high school and eventually a marriage that ended in infidelity. When Entertainment Weekly caught up to Justin Hartley, he said he is rooting for the couple to reconcile. Justin wasn't able to catch fans up on the current relationship between Kate and Sophie, however. We know they have not talked in a while because Sophie asked about Kate, Randall, Rebecca and Miguel.

Sofie or Sophie?

There was an episode called The Pool in which Kate was treated badly by a group of girls. She had worn her Care Bear bikini for a family day at the pool and the girls gave her a note telling her that they no longer wanted to play with her because she embarrassed them.

The horrible note had a pig drawn on it and was signed by Samantha, Vickie and Sofie.

"This Is Us" fans can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of any issues, however. A casting call went out for a teenage Sophie to play opposite of Logan Shroyer, the teenage Kevin. The actress viewers will be introduced to is Amanda Leighton.

We should see the two as their relationship develops as well as the events that take place between Sophie and Kate.

As for Kevin's decision to go to Randall on opening night and miss his own play, producer Ken Olin says there will be a price to pay. In the remaining two episodes viewers will see the consequences of that choice. Sophie is said to be there by his side as Kevin may be facing the ruins of his career.