"This Is Us" season finale had a lot of publicity before it aired on Tuesday night, March 14. Viewers were told to have tissues, wine and puppies ready for the emotional last episode of the first season of the NBC's popular series. However, fans were left without the big reveal of how Jack died. The final episode left viewers wondering if they had missed something when the credits were rolling. The cause of Jack's death remains to be a mystery.

Promotions for finale

There were many promotions about the last episode that showed Jack driving to Rebecca's performance with several empty beer cans in the back seat.

That led viewers to think Jack was going to be involved in an accident because he was drunk. Kate had told Toby in a previous episode that she felt responsible for her father's death because she had insisted that he take the long drive to Cleveland to be with Rebecca.

The cast had appeared on talk shows during the week to promote the finale. Even creator Dan Fogelman had teased fans about the finale. That all said the last episode of the season was going to be heartbreaking. In fact, they went so far as to say nothing like that had ever been seen on television before.

Jack arrived safely

Jack was tired after driving two hours to get to Rebecca's show, but he did arrive safely and in one piece.

There was a scene showing Rebecca calling home to tell Jack she missed him, but Jack was already in the bar getting drunk. He ended up getting into a fight. Rebecca had to leave just minutes before she was to go on stage. Instead of singing, she had to drive her drunken husband away from the bar.

For 50 minutes of the hour-long show, the focus was on Jack and Rebecca with flashbacks about how they met.

Viewers learned a lot about what Rebecca went through during the time she was launching her singing career and how it affect her marriage.

Big reveal missing

Viewer were left wondering why there had been so much publicity about a big reveal when there was no big reveal. Even though the episode showed an intimate look at Rebecca and Jack’s marriage with some emotional speeches, many viewers felt let down and deceived.

Because "This Is Us" is such a popular series, the false build up was unnecessary. Fans would have watched the finale without the promotions that made them think they would find out the cause of Jack's death.

Do you think fans will take a dim view of the show because of the misleading promotions? Will you stick around to find out the answer to the mystery of Jack's death? The good news in the disappointment is that the show has been renewed for two more seasons, and eventually the cause of Jack's death will certainly be revealed.