The episode 18 of "This Is Us" Season 1, titled “Moonshadow,” will show Jack as he moves to Cleveland to reunite with Rebecca during her tour. It was considered that the end will emphasize the cause of the Pearson patriarch’s severe destiny. The teaser for the new episode published on TV Guide states, “In the finale of the first season, Jack (M. Ventimiglia) goes to Cleveland to make things well with Rebecca (M. Moore) on the night of her first concert with the group. Later, Kevin (J. Hartley), Randall (S. K. Brown) and Kate (C.

Metz) make important choices about their expectations.”

Highlights episode 17 and spoilers episode 18

During the last installment of "This Is Us", we saw Kate gets the responsibility for Jack's death. When Rebecca travels to go on tour with her band, things are not well between Jack and her. In fact, he is supported by Kate to make things right with Rebecca rather than sitting at home.

The next episode of "This Is Us" will show another touching scene starring Rebecca and Jack. According to the official trailer, Jack travels to Cleveland to make peace with his wife Rebecca. This teaser is sentimental, powerful, and soft.

Season 2 preview and rumors

There have been some spoilers published about the plot of the Tv series and about the future seasons.In fact, NBC renewed the series for two seasons at the beginning of this year, but the features have remained undefined and this also added more suspense to the spectators.

Furthermore, recent rumors announce that the producer of the series, Dan Fogelman, has been questioned regarding Jack's end and what might be in store for the upcoming seasons. Mandy Moore who plays as Rebecca continued "I'm so interested about Miguel and Rebecca got together. I don't know too many particulars about that. I don't know where are their kids and because they are not part of the plot." The NBC renewed "This Is Us" for two new seasons and a total of 36 episodes. The episode 18 of "This is Us" Season 1 will air on NBC on Tuesday, March 14, at 9.00 pm EST.