The season finale of "The Walking Dead" is Sunday, April 2nd. This article contains major spoilers. If you don't want to know, do not continue to read.

The ending will be much different than the ending that left fans hanging all last summer. There will be answers and conclusions but will fans be satisfied with how it ends?

Who is at Rick's side?

In the season finale, we will finally see the war that has been brewing between Alexandria and the Saviors. Jadis and the Scavengers will join Rick in Alexandria. They prepare to fight side by side.

We also know that Morgan and Carol are by Ezekiel's side as he leads the Kingdom and Shiva to war.

Now we know Shiva isn't there as a pet. If Ezekiel has her at his side for battle, she is a weapon. Viewers should prepare for the possibility of seeing Shiva take down a Savior or two.

Dwight and Rick come to terms and Dwight returns to the Saviors as a mole. Negan lets Sasha know that he does indeed plan on using her for some help. A figure escorts Sasha and Eugene out together and both are seen at the gates of Alexandria with Negan. Sasha is wearing a black hood, however. It will make you think back to Herschel when he was beheaded. This is where we lose Sasha.

Can Daryl trust Dwight?

Daryl isn't as open to the idea of trusting Dwight as Rick is. They end up in an altercation where Daryl has a knife in Dwight's eye.

Now, if Daryl can reign this in and use Dwight as a source for inside info, they stand a better chance of taking down Negan. Gregory is on the road to see Simon leaving Hilltop unattended. Maggie and Jesus join the war of their friends in Alexandria. We don't know if other Hilltop residents join in or if it is just them.

Rick seems to be turning the tables on Negan's group as they are on the road.

They encounter a downed tree to block the road they wanted to take. Could it be that Dwight shared their route with Rick? Before the war actually begins, Rick will give a speech. It will be the speech. The words that solidify the groups that have come together for the common good. Don't miss "The Walking Dead" finale on AMC this Sunday.