IO9, among other media outlets, reports that a “Batgirl” standalone movie is being developed for the DC franchise of films and that it is going to directed by none other than Joss Whedon. For most people, this news will be the cause of great rejoicing. Whedon had been a favorite of genre fans since “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 20 years ago. He also directed some of the highest-grossing movies in the Marvel Comics universe, the first two “Avengers” movies. However, some discontent and anger may be coming from the Social Justice Warrior crowd.

First, the article hints that some are going to object to Whedon directing a “Batgirl”: movie because he is a man.

After all, “Wonder Woman,” played by Gal Gadot (who has drawn some objections from the SJW crowd because she is Israeli) is directed by Patty Jenkins, a woman. Are there not any female directors out there who could do Barbara Gordon justice that we have to resort to some guy to helm the film? Of course the fact that Whedon has won much praise over the years for his strong, independent female characters who can kick butt is beside the point.

More serious is a lingering controversy surrounding Whedon’s treatment of Black Widow’s back story in “Age of Ultron.” During a flashback, the movie reveals that Natasha was sterilized as part of her training as a super KGB assassin and that, ever since, she has regretted never being able to have children.

While this lack is something many women might sympathize with, the facts of biology being what they are, the backstory set off a firestorm on social media. Black Widow was also allegedly slut shamed at one point. In any case, the expressions of rage became so heated that Whedon, who ordinarily enjoys interacting with his fans, abandoned Twitter to get away from the harassment.

In any case, the idea of a Batgirl standalone is intriguing. The character was first introduced as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Inspector Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department, in 1967 in both the comic books and the TV series “Batman” that starred Adam West and featured Yvonne Craig as the female caped crusader. The character has undergone a lot of changes and even name changes over the years. How Whedon will handle the story and how his critics will react will be things interesting to see.