"The Walking Dead" had a rough start to season 7. The brutality of Negan and Lucille killing Abraham and Glen had cost the show some viewers. Enough so that there was a drop in ratings for the hugely popular show.

The return after the midseason break, however, had things back on track. The level of violence on the show has been reigned in by the creative team and fans are back to watching the hit show. The story line is also more of what fans are used to. Rick and the gang are banning together again.

At the opening night of Paley Fest, Scott Gimple, Robert Kirkman (comic book author), David Alpert and Greg Nicotero were joined by several of the cast members of "The Walking Dead." While specific details for the remainder of the season were not shared, Scott Gimple did share some great tidbits.

What does the producer say?

According to Gimple, this season won't be ending with a major cliffhanger as last season. The finale for season 7 will be the conclusion of a chapter. Things will be settled, and there will be a clear path as season 8 will pick up.

Ironically, season 8 episode 1 will actually be the 100th episode of "The Walking Dead." Gimple did share that the episode will focus on setting up the next 100 episodes rather than celebrating the last 100.

Is Sasha going to die?

There have been so many rumors about the character Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. It was announced that Martin-Green has signed on as Lt. Commander Rainsford in Star Trek: Discovery. Fans on social media have speculated that she will meet her fate in the season finale.

The actress shared that she feels that everything for Sasha has led to exactly where she is at. While she did not confirm she is leaving, it really does sound as though she is. Fans will find her new show on CBS All Access.

"The Walking Dead" is almost over for the season. With only three episodes to go, there is quite a bit that needs to be handled before it will feel like a chapter has ended. Make sure to tune into AMC on Sunday nights to watch it all come together!