"The Walking Dead" fans are already dreading the end of the season. The months of missing Rick and the gang as they fight to survive in a world post-zombie apocalypse are just around the corner. But will this season be another stressful ending that leaves fans to wonder the fate of one of our favorites? If you don't want to know what is coming, don't continue to read. The following contains spoilers for the rest of the season.

Showrunner Scott Gimple recently spoke with TV Line about "The Walking Dead." As he pointed out, last season ended with darkness and "the noose tightening" around Rick and the group.

The torturous cliffhanger had fans searching for answers, or even clues, to the question of who would be Lucille's victim(s). He assures fans that this season will have its own heartbreak and betrayal but there will also be love, friendship, and redemption.

In the last episode, Tara decided to tell Rick about Oceanside. Remember that the men and older boys were murdered by The Saviors. The ladies of Oceanside should be ready to join in to seek revenge if they feel the odds are in their favor.

Changes are coming in leadership at Hilltop

As for Hilltop, Gregory will be out soon as the leader. We have already seen that Maggie and Sasha are respected by the members of the community. Many have come forward and asked the two to teach them more about how to fight.

Can Rick get the manpower?

Rick is preparing for war against Negan and rallying allies to make sure he has the numbers. If all goes as he hopes, he will have Hilltop, Oceanside, The Scavengers, and The Kingdom to join them. We know there will be losses in all of the various groups during the battle to overthrow Negan and The Saviors.

As Scott Gimple said, the higher the stakes, the higher the intensity level, and they have to band together even more.

We need to acknowledge that Daryl is a walking target for Negan right now. And Negan is soon to be in the cross hairs of an assassination plot by Rosita and Sasha. While we can expect Sasha to die, what about Rosita? Blasting News reported earlier about the change Morgan experiences, but how will that impact the finale?