"ncis los angeles" Season 8 spoilers reveal that Eric (B. Foa) and Nell (R. F. Smith) will finally be given their run for fame in the next episode. The two will give the show another romantic angle. After the romantic episode of Callen (C. O'Donnell) and Anna (B.Paly), it seems the showrunners would like the fans to have another pair of agents falling in love. The official synopsis for the next episode reveals that just after the US Treasury Department gets hacked, Nell and Eric are tasked to go undercover as a couple in retreat. This is to track down a tech expert husband and his wife who are associated with the crime.

In the meantime, a digital forensics expert Dave Flynn (S. Grimes) will come from the NCIS cyber office in San Diego to run operations while Eric and Nell are out on their designated case.

Highlights and plot episode 17

In the last chapter, Anna and Callen worked in an assignment. Hetty stopped their romantic night by sending them away to bring a high-value prisoner. The two were assigned to bring terrorist Ahmed Han Asakeem (S. Sheik) from a jail in Arizona to Los Angeles for deposition. After several hits in the road, Anna, and Callen were able to reach Los Angeles safely with Asakeem. Eric then said someone has spent serious resources in finding Asakeem. Hetty is decided to find out who that is.

Kensi and Nell meet with Los Angeles District Attorney Frank Gibson (B. Thomas) to read to him about the drug bust. The NCIS group later revealed that Gibson is Zeus and not his assistant Shawn Wilson (D. Michaels). Sam faced him of being Zeus and arrested him.

Episode 18 spoilers and preview

The next episode 18 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 8, named "Getaway" will follow Eric Beale and Nell Jones on a getaway at a couple's retreat to find two bad hackers.

The suspects are connected to the hacking of the United States Treasury Department, which suggests that these criminals are big time. Now, since Eric and Nell will be out, someone will fill in. Digital forensics technician Dave Flynn will come to the San Diego office from NCIS to control plans. A trailer published for this new episode didn't reveal what the rest of the team will do. The episode 18 of 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 8 will air on CBS on Sunday, March 19, at 8.00 pm EST.