"The Walking Dead" season 7B is underway in a big way. As Rick and the group prepare for war against Negan and the Saviors, Morgan wants to hang on to the belief of "all life is precious" as he learned from Eastman. In a world of zombies and the worst side of human nature, can he continue living that?

The following is spoilers. If you don't want to know, please don't continue to read.

We know that Rick has sought an alliance with King Ezekiel of The Kingdom. Morgan made it clear in that episode that his belief in the value of human life is still intact.

He would like to live and let live, but in a world where a person's very existence is threatened not only by the walking dead but also other humans after the limited amount of supplies still available, he will find it is time to rethink things.

Morgan finally snaps!

In an upcoming episode we will see Richard cause yet another problem with the Saviors at a supply delivery. In his attempt to force King Ezekiel into action, one of his fellow Kingdom members will pay a heavy price for his actions. Ben will die and Morgan will come unhinged. Morgan will be seen dragging Richard after the exchange is complete. Rumors say, he will kill him for causing the death of Ben.

Morgan's character has come full circle.

He was unable to kill his wife when she turned. That affected him in a terrible way and he became obsessed with "clearing" areas of the dead and making them safe for humans. After he met Eastman, that all changed. He learned to make peace with his demons and how to appreciate life again. As a result, there were several people he let go that he should have killed.

Even the deaths of Abraham, Glenn, Olivia and Spencer didn't make him want to take action.

How far will Morgan go?

In a world with so little human compassion and understanding, each day can be a struggle to survive. Morgan finally reaches the point where he knows he can't continue to value all human life if they aren't valuing his. Will this be a new side of Morgan for viewers or will he resort back to his old ways?