Kim Depaola, a frequent guest star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," is being tied to a double murder in New Jersey. According to a report by TMZ on March 19, DePaola's car was discovered in New Jersey on Friday and in it were two dead bodies -- one of which may have belonged to the friend of her son.

"Two badly burned bodies were found in the ['Real Housewives of New Jersey'] star's torched car Friday -- both had reportedly been shot in the head ... execution style," TMZ revealed to readers days later. The outlet went on to explain that while Kim DePaola's 28-year-old son, Chris, was the person who drove the car most frequently, a friend was in possession of the car after dropping Chris off at the airport last Wednesday.

Kim DePaola's son's friend wasn't supposed to be driving the vehicle

After dropping him off at the airport, Chris' friend, 27-year-old Aaron Anderson, was supposed to take the car back to his house and leave it there, but for whatever reason, he did not do so. Now, after he reportedly drove the vehicle around town, the friend has been missing. Although the names of the victims have not yet been released, family sources told TMZ that they are extremely worried as Chris has been unable to reach his friend.

The double murder took place in Paterson, New Jersey

On Friday, March 17, police received a call about shots being fired on East 28th Street in Paterson, New Jersey. Then, when they arrived to the scene, Kim DePaola's vehicle was completely engulfed in flames and the two bodies inside the car were burned beyond recognition.

According to a second report shared by Page Six, the charred remains are expected to be identified through dental records.

Immediately after the crime was reported, Anderson's parents, Michelle and Thurston Anderson, rushed to the scene. “I’ve been calling him and it’s going to voicemail,” said Michelle, adding that she should have heard from him. Meanwhile, her father added that he was "concerned." “We have nothing definite so we wanted to look at the spot," he said.