Hey, "Homeland" fans. we got a few, very brief teaser spoilers from Showtime for the upcoming episode 10 of this current season 6 of your favorite show. And when say brief, I really mean brief. They kept these teasers really short, giving us just two storyline reveals for a total of eight words. Oh well. Something is always better than nothing, right? Anyways, they sound sort of interesting as we'll be seeing Dar play his hand at some point, and more.

It's "The Flag House"

They also gave us the title reveal with their vague as hell description. They're calling it: "The Flag House." According to their official teaser description, we're going to see Dar be pretty busy, doing his thing as they tell us that he's going to play his hand.

As mentioned, earlier, they didn't elaborate, at all, about this storyline, so the big questions for it, will be: What hand is Dar going to play? Will this be a good idea for him? Or will it end up, causing his demise? Hopefully, we'll get a lot more intel about this when Showtime serves up the there spoiler clips for it after episode 9 gets done airing, tonight. They usually do, so you'll want to keep an eye out for those on the show's official Youtube channel.

A look back

Now, we've got this second and last, very short storyline reveal. It turns out that we'll also see Quinn be very busy at some point, as he'll be taking another look at some past events that have happened in his life. Once again, they didn't expound upon that, so we're left with the questions: what part of his past will Quinn revisit?

Will it help him out in some way? Or is he just wasting his freaking time? One thing's for sure, it sounds like it could provide us with some very intriguing scenes. We'll have to wait and see.

Alright guys, that's going to wrap it up for this week's teasers, because that's all that Showtime would let go of. However, again, be sure to check out the show's official Youtube page a few hours after tonight's episode 9 airs, and you should see a couple of spoiler clips that will give you more intel. They usually do. We can also confirm that this installment is due to arrive next Sunday night, March 26th, 2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.