It doesn't seem fiscally possible, but Jacqueline Laurita flaunted a 4th boob job even in bankruptcy -- and she lost weight to boot. What's the money-challenged "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star's secret to weight loss after plastic surgery? Did the bankrupt celeb fund a tummy tuck or some kind of breast reduction surgery? Yes and no. Bankruptcy be darned, the "RHONJ" celebrity had a new breast implant procedure and magically got thinner.

Jacqueline Laurita loves her new breast implants

The "RHONJ" reality television celebrity wanted a new kind silicone implant when she had her regular replacement.

Yes, plastic surgery implants need changing every 10 years as another reality star Kailyn Lowry might want to note. Laurita was concerned when "RHOBH" star Yolanda Hadid had a boob job blowout that leaked silicone throughout her body. Laurita worried that every time she got a mammogram or routine MRI to monitor implants, hers would burst too. Then the 46-year-old found the Ideal Implants made with saline instead of silicone. She'd tried saline implants but disliked them because they felt like water balloons (which implants basically are). But these new ones feel natural -- as per husband Chris Laurita -- and if the saltwater leaks it is absorbed by the body.

Jacqueline Laurita's 'breast reduction' weight loss

The celebrity upgraded to saline breast implants and downgraded in size. The new "boobies" fit a C-cup bra size down from around a DD. Laurita felt her other ones made her look older. After the boob job, the "RHONJ" star looks smaller all over. Her neck, shoulders and face look trimmer.

Laurita says she feels different too. Caroline Manzo and her son Albie Manzo of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" are looking more slender. Other members of the "Manzo'd With Children" family dieted after showing signs of obesity.

Fans question Laurita's bankruptcy boob job

How can Jacqueline and Chris Laurita afford plastic surgery?

Commenters were quick to question where they got the money in bankruptcy. Well, this is reality television where rampant spending doesn't stop just because folks are broke. Even Mama June Shannon could afford a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, bariatric surgery and a plush new home and she's notoriously cash-strapped. The Lauritas must have taken a leaf from Joe and Teresa Giudice on how to keep up appearances even in prison. Some even suggested Laurita was shilling for the Ideal Implants company.