Alright, so we recently got the big press release spoilers for the upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles" episode 19 of season 8. The CBS folks were kind enough to release them, They gave us two, new storylines to look forward to, and they sound pretty intense and interesting as we'll be seeing Deeks, trying to throw Kensi a big surprise at some point. And for the main plotline, we've got Sam and Deeks, going back into undercover mode to make sure plans for a freaking missile destroyer don't get sold off to the highest bidder, and more.

It's "767"

We also learned that the producers decided to go with the name: "767" as the title for this episode.

It's official. That has to be the shortest title in history for this franchise. Anyways, they started off their press release by putting in ,all-caps, that we're going to see Sam and Callen, hop onboard a flight that is bound for Tokyo. They will be undercover as businessmen, trying to track down an engineer that is looking to sell schematics for a missile destroyer.

A murder sets it up

They elaborated on this storyline by telling us that we'll see the engineer that created this new guided missile destroyer, get murdered, which is what's going to prompt the big, undercover operation by Sam and Callen. The big questions, here, is will Sam and Callen be able to successfully pull this thing off?

Or will it prove to be too tough of a mission? What we do know, is that we'll likely to see a whole bunch of drama go down on that freaking plane for sure.

A surprise for Kensi

Lastly, we've got the second and final storyline that they revealed. We're going to be seeing some more Kensi and Deeks in action. Apparently, Deeks is going to want to surprise the hell out of Kensi, so he's going to throw some surprise get-together for her and all of her friends that are visiting from out of town.

So, that sounds pretty sweet, I guess. I suspect that this scene will feature some pretty cheesy stuff unless they throw in some surprise drama. We'll see. This episode was written by Kyle Harimoto, and they got Beeny Boom to direct it. We can also confirm that this one is set to air next Sunday night, March 26th, 2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.