Netflix has been steadily roping the big names over the past few years, both in terms of off-screen and on-screen talent. The latest big name to sign up for a television series is David Fincher, but this will not be his first rodeo so to speak. The talented director helped put Netflix on the map by working on “House of Cards," but now he is returning with an intriguing new series of his own.

Exploring the mind of a killer

David Fincher has always held a penchant for exploring areas that make people uncomfortable. His best films like “Fight Club” and “Seven” managed to give us a peek into the minds of people who are far away from what society considers normal.

The director will look to continue his examination of similar themes in his new Netflix series as well.

“Mindhunter” will be centered around two FBI agents as they attempt to solve open cases involving imprisoned Serial Killers. The show will be an adaptation of a book titled “Mindhunters: Inside the FBI’s elite serial crime unit," and it was penned by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The book is actually a work of non-fiction and was written all the way back in 1996.

The two leads of the series will be Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany. Groff’s character will be Holden Ford, a special agent working inside the FBI’s behavioral science unit. He will team up with McCallany’s character and attempt to get inside the minds of serial killers in an attempt to close cases that are still open.

Joining the duo during the series will be Anna Torv, Tobias Lindholm and Cotter Smith.

Exploring dark themes

From what we can tell from the trailer launched by Netflix, the series will have a mood similar to HBO’s “True Detective." After all, David Fincher is unafraid to explore the fragility of the human condition, and what better example than to use serial killers and their hidden motives.

Charlize Theron will be the co-producer of this series, while Fincher will be directing three out of the first 10 episodes. The other directors signed on for the series are Andrew Douglas and Asif Kapadia. The show will premiere on Netflix in October 2017. Here is a look at the trailer: