The spoilers are already out that Nick Viall will be on the upcoming season of "Dancing With The Stars." This new season starts airing on March 22 right after his season of "The Bachelor" 2017 is done airing. Now according to Radar Online, Nick is allegedly acting "arrogant" on the set of the show where they are preparing.

What did a source reveal about Nick Viall?

A source close to production on "DWTS" says that Nick is causing drama on the set already. The insider shared saying, "They have already started doing some promo work for the upcoming season.

The producers and other people on staff for DWTS are saying that Nick is one of the most arrogant and self-entitled people that they have ever had on the show!"

The source then went on to explain that Nick Viall allegedly wanted a really big salary due to the fact that he was "The Bachelor." Nick is a big name right now, but "DWTS" gets some pretty big celebrities on the show. The source shared that Nick is acting like they are just lucky that he is on the show. It is going to be really interesting to see how this plays out through the season.

There are a lot of rumors every season of "Dancing With the Stars" about who is hard to work with and who is the "diva" on the set. Right now, it really does look like Nick Viall might be the one that is talked about the most.

Nobody knows how long he will stick around, though. Nick Viall does have a lot of haters, but he also has a lot of fans, so everyone wants to see if he can get the votes to stick around for a while or not.

At this time, Nick Viall has just three women left on "The Bachelor." The viewers are just a couple of weeks away from finding out who he picks and if he will end up engaged at the end of the show or not.

Nick will send home one more girl next week leaving him with the final two and it will be up to him if he leaves alone or not.

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