Kaitlyn Bristowe, former star of "The Bachelorette" has spoken out on her fellow alumni being afforded an opportunity to join "Dancing With The Stars." What she has to say is shocking!

We know that several of "The Bachelor" stars have gone on to compete on "DWTS." That list includes Chris Soule, Sean Lowe, and Jake Pavelka. When we look for a "Bachelorette" that has done the show we only have season 1's Trista Rehn.

Her past makes her a perfect fit for 'DWTS'

Kaitlyn Bristowe, a former dance instructor, was offered the opportunity to do "Dancing With The Stars" but Mike Fleiss would not let her.

He said at the time that he didn't want people coming on his show in search of fame. When Kaitlyn and her fiance' Shawn Booth both tried to reach out to the creator of the "Bachelor" franchise, again they were told that Kaityln would not be allowed!

When Kaitlyn heard the announcement of Nick Viall signing on to do the dance show, she took to Twitter. Of course Mike Fleiss tweeted back that he is fine with her doing the show -- two years after it was offered to her.

In a franchise that over does it with some contestants and recasts them season after season, why are others not afforded opportunities once their season ends? That is Kaitlyn's point. Why are men given more opportunities than women?

Words of wisdom from someone that did it

Sean Lowe did speak out on this. Having been "The Bachelor" and proposing at the end of his season, he knows the strain it takes on a new relationship to go straight to the demands of another show. Though it all worked out for him, he wouldn't recommend it. He said that in the new stages of a relationship the couple needs the time to work on them, not be apart as one pursues other interests.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is the first "Bachelorette" to speak out on this subject. Her intention is for all alumn to be given the opportunity to pursue what they want rather than have it restricted by Mike Fleiss. Ben Higgins, for example, was given a choice to go on "DWTS" or have his own show.