Lisa Vanderpump from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and her husband Ken Todd are huge dog lovers and wanted to provide a luxury facility for those unwanted pets. As a result, The Vanderpump dogs was created and just recently opened. However, this is no ordinary type of shelter for dogs but more like a “puppy palace” with chandeliers and plush décor. In addition to her love of dogs, Lisa is also an activist against the Yulin dog meat industry in China.

The start of the Vanderpump Dogs shelter and pet supplies

The Vanderpump Dogs shelter is not your typical dog shelter but one with more class and style to provide a more humane world for the dogs.

In addition to their dog rescue services, they also offer dog grooming, a pet shop of luxury items, overnight boarding, veterinary work and even a dog café’. Many of the rescues come from kill shelters. Lisa states how difficult it is to go into one of these kill shelters with its depressing atmosphere and heart-wrenching homeless animals with an undetermined future. In her center, the dogs have a chance, no matter whether they are a pedigree of a loving mix.

Before opening the Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa and her husband Ken co-founded the Vanderpump Dog Foundation that works to rescue dogs and provide medical treatment for dogs abandoned worldwide. You can read more about this phenomenal dog rescue online and the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Lisa states that she makes no profits on the dog shelter but donates all proceeds to her foundation. Their goal is to make a positive impact on global legislation, treatment of animals and education for dogs worldwide. Part of her work is to campaign against dog abuse and slaughter of animals at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.

The Vanderpump’s campaign against Yulin dog meat festival in China

Lisa and her husband Ken live their lives for the well-being of their dogs and dogs worldwide.

One issue that the reality star is adamant about is the horrific problem with the barbaric dog meat issues in southwest China. Vanderpump is campaigning for the rights of dogs in danger of being killed for their meat. Despite most past efforts from the people and the government, the practice of catching, slaughtering and selling dogs for their meat continues.

Various animal activists’ organizations developed plans to transport dogs out of Yulin. The Vanderpump’s founded the Stop Yulin Forever organization recently and also works with the Vanderpump Dog Foundation to stop this cruel practice. You can learn more about the efforts of this amazing couple by going to the web to search their efforts in rescuing Yulin dogs through their organization. They have made a difference in the lives of many four-legged friends through their work and their new Vanderpump Dogs shelter.