As expected with Nick Viall as "The Bachelor," it has been quite the journey this season. Many episodes ended with the Rose Ceremony being pushed to the next show. This leaves viewers tuning in for the elimination from the previous week's dates.

With the hometown dates behind them, the cast returned to New York for the elimination before the Fantasy Suite dates. That is where tonight's one-hour show will pick up. Before that could take place, however, Nick's ex, Andi Dorfman showed up to talk to him about the emotional journey he is on. After drying his tears, Nick joins Raven, Vanessa, Rachel and Corrine for the Rose Ceremony.

Spoilers say that this will be an entertaining elimination as Corrine is sent home.

Announcement of 'Bachelorette' spoiled the elimination

Previous finales of "The Bachelor" series have been held in tropical settings. This year's finale will still have all the romance but the setting will be very different. Nick's Fantasy Suite dates took place in Finland! This show will air on March 6th, again for only an hour. As the announcement of the new "Bachelorette" has revealed, Rachel Lindsay is eliminated at the Rose Ceremony.

The "Women Tell All" special will follow the broadcast. Nick will face the women of the season on the two-hour special. With all of Nick's history with the "Bachelor" family, this is his first time to participate in this segment of the show.

He was in the final two on both "Bachelorette" seasons and the runner ups do not join the rest of the cast for the "Tell All" special.

Finally, on March 13th we will see Nick Viall drop to one knee and propose to the one that Reality Steve said months ago. Vanessa Grimaldi, the Special Needs Teacher from Canada, receives the final rose, the ring, and gets the guy.

Or does she?

Are they still together?

Rumors have it that all may not be going so great for the happy couple. It is said that Vanessa is not willing to relocate to the States for Nick, and Nick is riding the wave of fame from the show rather than pursuing love. We will hear all about it on "After the Final Rose," where we will also hear what Raven has to say about being in the runner-up position that Nick knows all too well.