"Homeland" is a US thriller tv series which is produced by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. It is based on another tv series, the Israelian "Prisoners of War", written by Gideon Raff. The episode 7 of "Homeland" season 6 is titled “Imminent Risk” and will follow Carrie as she tries to discuss with Children Services as they want to take Franny, her daughter, away. Meantime, Quinn slowly accepts his confused situation.

Plot and key points of the last episode

The last episode, directed by Alex Graves and written by Charlotte Stoudt, shows an old friend of Peter Quinn and Carrie Mathison as a force for good.

Saul becomes a Russian spy and he questions the reasons of his CIA chief, Dar Adal. However, the emotional point of this important episode was the weighty dialogue between Marjorie Diehl and Keane. The direct talk with Diehl left Keane to openly name her son, Andrew, along with John, Diehl’s son. “They both did the sufficient to assist their country and face down terror,” she states. With these words, Keane stands her spot but accepts Diehl’s viewpoint.

Season 6 Episode 7 spoilers and preview

In the new episode named "Imminent Risk," the teaser shows that Carrie will be taking some sad news. All has been confused for the ex-CIA agent now. The administration, however, believes that her client, Sekou (J.

Mallory), was the person who set the explosive at the CIA department. He is also being sued for the murder of Special Agent Conlin (D. Fumusa). Carrie thinks that the two episodes are related and that Sekou wasn't the offender. Someone is in the "backstage" and she plans to discover who it is.

In the trailer for episode 7 named “Imminent Risk,” Carrie receives an important call from school.

Children Services is intimidating to take Franny away from Carrie because they think that Franny’s life is at risk since her mother was unsuitable. Carrie will want to battle in court to save her daughter from Children Services. Episode 7 of "Homeland" Season 6 will air on Sunday, March 5 at 9.00 pm on Showtime.