The episode 16 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" is titled "Old Tricks" and the plot on TV Guide explains that the team will catch on a kidnapping crime. A resident in an aging house has abruptly vanished, leaving many traces to where he was taken. As the agents of NCIS search through the testimony, they will discover that two fraud artists may have to do with the kidnapping. Edward O'Boyle (M. Mull) and his lady, Ginger (D. J. Rupp), have been pointing the residents and defrauding their money.

Key points and plot of the last episode

In the last episode, the Agent Callen (C.

O’Donnell) could not accept his ex's deception, and he notes to Agent Hanna (J.T. Smith) that his love with Joelle began because of his friends of NCIS. Hanna replies they have all been deceived. CIA Director Sabatino (E. Palladio) has escaped, and even though Ferris (K. Yaeger) is now dead, the blemish is yet out there.

Meantime, Detective Deeks (E.C. Olsen) has killed Ferris. This episode also introduces A.J. (J. M. Jackson), a big friend of Hetty (L. Hunt). Episode 15 named “Payback” was produced by J.L. Jaffe and directed by T. O’Hara. This installment took a lot of positive discussions from social users who followed and twitted about the episode.

Season 8 Episode 16 preview and spoilers

“After a resident of a retirement house is kidnapped, NCIS uncovers two con artists: Edward O’Boyle and Ginger (D.J.

Rupp and M. Mull). Furthermore, Callen faces his father on his criminal enterprise and the peril it puts on their family.” The trailer reveals that Deeks will be given to poll the aged. Meantime, Callen is bored of covering up the father. In the trailer, he is shown to be trailing Reznikov (D.J. Travanti), and the teaser reveals Callen saying Reznikov that he has definitely passed the line.

The Russian has a gun, however, and he is ready to use it if required.

Episode 16 is also going to be the installment that will feature a tribute to the defunct Miguel Ferrer, who died earlier this year and was still recording new episodes near to his death.

The episode 16 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 8 will air on CBS next Sunday, March 5 at 8.00 pm EST