"Grey's Anatomy" fans won't want to miss "Till I Hear It From You," episode 17 of the 13th season. With the drama that is going on at Grey Sloan Memorial, both with the characters and with the restructure of the student program, viewers are waiting for some resolution. The following contains spoilers. If you don't want to know, don't continue to read.

Amelia and Owen obviously love each other, but they just can't seem to get there from here. The two will open up and put some effort into their relationship but not over a bottle of wine by a fire.

They chose to do this while working on a trauma together. The result is, of course, more tension than before. The new argument that ensues is much bigger, and the two seem even less likely to resolve their issues.

Maggie's Mom is back!

Back in episode 12 we first met Maggie's adoptive mother, Diane Pierce. She had come to town to have Dr. Jackson Avery check a rash that turned out to be inflammatory breast cancer. She took Meredith up on her offer for a place to stay while in town and had asked Jackson to help her break the news to Maggie. Of course, that never happened because Maggie was just unwilling to resolve issues with her adoptive mother. As a result, Diane went back to Hawaii and Maggie never learned of her health problems.

In this episode, fans will see Diane again. From Maggie's perspective, she is bothered that all of a sudden it feels like her adoptive mom is pushing her for a relationship. Spoilers don't reveal when she will finally learn of Diane's breast cancer and if that will lead to the two working on their relationship.

Bury the hatchet time.

The relationship between Bailey and Richard is in danger. The two were once each other's biggest allies, but the changes to the teaching program have caused a major strain. Richard feels betrayed by Bailey as she demotes him and hands his program over to a new-comer. In this episode, we will see Bailey try to begin to repair their relationship.

Meredith and Nathan are finally ready for the next step. Now they just have to figure out the best way for both of them to do that.