Hey, "Grey's Anatomy" peeps. It's that time, again. Promo, spoiler clip time for the upcoming episode 17 of this current season 13 of your favorite show. ABC served it up ,last night, after episode 16 wrapped up. It looks quite dramatic and very interesting as we get a new look at Owen and Amelia, having a big, heated confrontation! We also get confrontation footage that features Meredith and Nathan. Apparently, Nathan isn't being direct enough for her, and needs to step it up.

Are you serious or not?

In the new clip, we're first shown a scene that features Meredith, getting all up in Nathan's face to ,point blank, ask him if he's serious or not?

Because she certainly isn't joking right now, so it certainly looks like the heat will be on for Nathan in this scene. What will his answer be? Will he tell her, he's serious? Or just leave her hanging and pissed off? One thing's for sure, is this scene will definitely give us some pretty good drama.

She wants a dinner out of him

Next, we get another scene that features these two, budding love birds in action. Meredith suggests that he ask her out to dinner, so that looks pretty interesting. After that scene, they finally steered us to some other characters that will be in action in this episode. This next scene looks pretty heated too, as we see a very ticked off Owen, yelling at Amelia, telling her that she ran out on him!

Then he followed that up by asking her: "are you ever coming home, or not?" OMG! What's her answer going to be? Will she tell Owen, she's coming back? Or break his heart by telling him, she's out? Again, this is going to be another freaking scene that will give us all more drama that we can handle and then some.

As previously reported, the official synopsis was released and it mentioned some storylines that weren't included in this clip.

We'll be seeing Maggie, dealing with the return of her mother at some point. Bailey will be seen, trying to make amends with Richard, so it looks like we'll have a very full show in this 17th installment, which is set to hit the airwaves on Thursday night, March 23rd, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.