Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the upset and defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the election last November, the new president has been increasing his war of words against the media. Often referring to the press as "fake news," it appears the White House has been caught promoting a humorous story to back up their new budget plan.

Trump team caught

As the pressure continues to mount on the new administration for a variety of reasons, Donald Trump has made sure to hit back against any and all press that reflects negatively on his team.

Even when the media presents concrete facts to debunk the rhetoric from coming from the White House, the former host of "The Apprentice" labels the information as "fake news," while accusing the source of unfair treatment. As Trump uses the "fake news" term against his opponents, "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd pointed out an interesting tidbit of irony during the Friday edition of "MTP Daily" on MSNBC.

Host Chuck Todd put time aside for his daily "I'm Obsessed" segment, in which he noted that the White House used a satirical article from the Washington Post to promote Donald Trump's new budget proposal.

"Apparently someone at the White House sent out an article after only reading the title," Todd said. Todd explained that the administration sends out a weekly newsletter titled "1600 daily" that updates people on Trump's schedule, as well as posting favorable news article that back up the agenda.

"One such link today was this piece that ran in the Washington Post," Chuck Todd said, before reading the headline, "Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why." Todd quotes highlights of the article with author Alexandra Petri writing in the tone of the commander in chief, while mocking cuts to the EPA and affordable housing.

In addition to Todd, actor George Takei took notice of the mistake, and trolled the president on Twitter. The White House mistook this tongue-in-cheek piece for real opinion and shared it," Takei wrote, before adding "SAD-TIRE!!"

Next up

While Chuck Todd was having some fun with the apparent error by the White House, the real life feud between the press and the White House is increasing by the day.

Trump's hostility towards the media has reached such a fever pitch that the president accused a German reporter of reading "fake news" during Friday's press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.