NBC's "This Is Us" finale was on Tuesday, March 14. The ending was not what viewers expected, but there were several things that the writers want you to know before the next season starts. Everything that is said and done during the popular drama is important and serves a purpose. However, some people miss the little things because they come so quickly and don't stay long. Some of those things could prepare viewers for Season 2.

Jack and Rebecca

Most of "This Is Us" finale dealt with the flashback about how 28-year-old Jack and Rebecca met. Through flashbacks, people got a glimpse of the road Jack was taking before he met Rebecca.

He was about to rob the bar, but he was stopped when he heard her sing. He changed his ways and tried to be a good family man, but he still had a drinking problem.

After driving a very drunk Jack home from her band’s first tour stop, Rebecca revealed her frustration with Jack's lack of support for her singing career. Jack delivered a speech that would have melted the heart of most women. However, Rebecca still asked him to leave.

Randall, Kate, and Kevin

Jack and Rebecca's story about how they met took up 50 minutes of the hour-long show. It was only at the last 10 minutes that the focus was on the triplets with their present day decisions.

While looking through old photos, Randall saw his adopted parents holding him as a baby.

Then he had an epiphany. He immediately went to his wife and told her he wanted to adopt a child. Randall, who had been adopted himself, has come full circle. Don't be surprised if you see a new addition to the Pearson family in the next season.

Kate also looked through the photo album and saw a picture of her mother singing.

She then turned to Toby and told him that she wants to sing. Finally, Kate has found her niche.

Kevin's epiphany wasn't as dramatic. He is on his way to fulfilling his dream. His siblings' life choices are along the lines of what they hadn't thought of before. Kevin is still holding onto old dreams even though he is progressing toward them.

Viewers saw him get into a cab on his way to audition for a Ron Howard film. While this is a huge career opportunity for Kevin, it doesn't seem to bring the same thrill as his siblings' decisions.

Downfall of the finale

The cause of Jack's death was not revealed. Viewers were promised to get some answers, but the finale fell far short in that respect. Fans felt cheated and deceived because there had been lots of promotions about that. Watch "This Is Us" when it returns next season.