Episode 11 of "Empire" season 3, named “Play On,” is set to show Cookie as she proceeds to come to terms with her emotions for Lucious. In the meantime, the teaser hints that Angelo will be proposing to Cookie. The plot for this new episode published online states: “Cookie (T.P. Henson) decides to move ahead with Angelo (T. Diggs) while trying with guilt above her run-in with Lucious (T. Howard). Subsequently, Leah (L. Uggams) tries out Tariq's (M. Omari) support in taking down Anika (G. Byers). Tory (R. Willis) and Jamal (J.

Smollett) team up in the workroom.”

Episode 10 plot and highlights

On the last chapter of "Empire" Season 3, it displayed Lucious Lyon publishing a new album and has been projected to be killed by both his latest opposing Shine Johnson and Andre Lyon (T. Byers). But their project hadn't been forced through because of Tiana Brown and Nessa Parker's (S. McClain) dispute. At the end of the installment, he was shown moving out with his ex-wife Cookie. In the promo for the next episode, however, Cookie can be overheard declaring “Lucious has an influence over me that I may never be strong to disrupt.”

Spoilers and preview episode 11

The trailer for this new episode 11 has also been published and it starts out with Cookie revealing that she may not be strong to cut away from Lucious because he has a real control over her.

But Lucious seems suspicious of Giuliana's purposes and even describes her "very perilous." It is then explained that Giuliana murdered her own man for Lucious and it's clear that Cookie doesn't like her completely.

When Cookie points out how much she sustained for Lucious, Giuliana thanks her but states her assistance is no longer required.

But it seems Cookie has other items to worry about in the chapter as well and she is recognized being caught. It will be exciting to see if Cookie will admit to Angelo about her time with Lucious and if this will create a break in their relationship. Episode 11 of “Empire” Season 3 will air on Fox on Wednesday, March 29, at 9.00 pm EST.