Episode 17 of "Chicago Fire" Season 5, named “Babies and Fools,” will feature Gabriela as she gets the role in tracking down the perpetrator of a set of car disasters that are dummying innocent victims. The plot for the next episode published online states: “When alike car accidents reveal the fact that one may be making innocent victim, a prepared Dawson (M. Raymund) takes elements into her own controls to support push things on; Severide (T. Kinney) makes everything he can to do Anna (C. Sullivan) feel good and Herrmann (D. Eigenberg), Dawson and Kidd (M.R.

Mayo) choose to have Molly's added as a stop on a bar crawl notwithstanding strong concerns from Otis (Y. Sardarov). Casey (J. Spencer) tends to his alderman's works when a determined constituent asks for his support in resolving a problem.”

Highlights and trailer episode 17

Spoilers for the next episode 12 suggest that the chapter will have a combination of crazy stuff going on. After a car accident, a resolute Dawson will put herself at peril in her quest to trace the culprit who is behind a group of comparable car accidents troubling Chicago. The teaser for this new episode also insinuates that things will get a bit confused for Casey as he stands by his Alderman jobs, and Severide, who will do all in his potential to make Anna feel satisfied living in Chicago.

Episode 17 spoilers and preview

First off, the promo pictures for episode 17 of "Chicago Fire" Season 5 have been published and basing from the observed, there might be a car event occurring in the next episode. According to many spoilers online, confusion is also expected to increase through town as innocent characters are being pointed by an anonymous enemy.

Fans are also expecting to see more of Anna and Severide's relationship in the imminent future, principally that season 5 is near the finish. Episode 17 of "Chicago Fire" Season 5, titled “Babies and Fools,” will air on NBC on Tuesday, March 28 at 10.00 pm EST. It will be succeeded by chapter 18, named “Take a Knee".