Episode 18 of "Modern Family" Season 8, named “Five Minutes,” is set to follow the individual lives of the blended Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker family as they fight with their own problems. The plot for this chapter published on TV Guide states: “A glance at the stories of the family includes Cam (E. Stonestreet) and Mitch (J.T. Ferguson) running to catch a flight for which they early took sleeping pills. Rainer (N. Fillion) and Haley (S. Hyland) reevaluating their relationship at the feast before his birthday cake appears.

In the meantime, Claire (J.

Bowen) and Phil (T. Burrell) encounter Alex's (A. Winter) new boyfriend and Manny (R. Rodriguez) working to find a parking place at the movies while Gloria (S. Vergara) and Jay (E. O’Neill) discuss.”

Episode 18 teaser and plot

The teaser for this new episode published by ABC begins with Claire and Phil shocked to find a man disappearing into Alex's room. During the expecting for their flight, Mitch and Cam seem to be having a hard time deciding to stay up.

At the principal point of the trailer, Mitch hits Cam and states: "Knock it off!" The background speech also suggests that there will be "one beautiful shocker" in the chapter. The following scene makes to Rainer going down on one knee and offers to Haley.

Furthermore, it rests to be seen if the Dunphy's first daughter will respond yes to her meteorologist boyfriend.

Preview and spoilers Episode 18

At the end, Manny is so eager to make a movie, but his parents, Gloria and Jay, are getting it impossible for him to enter the theater on time, but Manny has only a few minutes to park his automobile while continuing Gloria and Jay's engagement.

According to the ABC, there are still a few more chapters left before this season 8 of “Modern Family” ends.

Yhe network still hasn't given a decision regarding whether or not the TV series will be repeated with a Season 9. According to many spoilers online, talks are still underway for a potential renewal.

Episode 18 of “Modern Family” Season 8 will air on Wednesday, March 29 at 9.00 pm EST on ABC