tana Mongeau has had a terrible couple of weeks, and now it looks like it's only getting worse. The 18-year-old vlogger has one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. In 2016, she gained over 1 million subscribers and launched a nationwide tour. Now, it looks like Tana is dealing with one of her first controversies in her career.


Tana first began her feud with fellow YouTuber, iDubbbz when she publicly criticized him on Twitter and YouNow. 26-year-old iDubbbz is known primarily for his offensive and lowbrow content. He regularly uses racial and homophobic slurs and has publicly stated that he believes no "jokes" are off limits.

Tana took to her platforms to denounce iDubbbz's use of slurs and even told him to kill himself at one point. She also stated that she'd be happy if iDubbbz were to break both of his legs and lose all of his subscribers.

iDubbbz goes on a trip

Although iDubbbz did not publicly responded to Tana's attacks, we now know that he saw her insults and immediately started planning revenge. In his newest video, you can see iDubbbz traveling to San Fransico to meet Tana and disguising himself as one of her fans. When iDubbbz finally gets to Tana, he wraps his arms around her and says, "say n*****!" Tana immediately walks away from him and her other fans.

Tana's past comes back to bite

Tana's biggest downfall seems to be her past relationship with the N-word.

Although she's a well known Black Lives Matter supporter now, there are multiple videos of Tana saying the N-word when she was younger. In the videos, you can clearly hear Tana saying the slur in a derogatory manner, despite her claiming that she thought the word was just another way of saying "homie" or "friend."

Tana's exaggerations and inconsistencies

Tana's also facing flak because of how she chose to re-tell her encounter with iDubbbz.

In her video, she claims that iDubbbz had his arm around her neck and didn't release her the first time she tried to break free. Sadly, the video evidence proved that this wasn't the case.

Tana re-responds

Tana took to Twitter after iDubbbz released his video: