Joe Giudice of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" has been doing his Prison time. It turns out that Joe has now found a job that he can do behind bars. Us Magazine shared about the job that Joe picked up and what he is doing that pays him $100 a month. Joe isn't used to making that kind of money, but it is an income and something to do. It at least gives him something to send home to Teresa and the girls since she is the only bread winner at the moment.

What is Joe Giudice doing now?

joe giudice is in jail for 41 months and has been there for almost a year of his sentence now.

Joe's new job is in the prison gym, and this job does only pay about $100 a month. You don't make good money in prison, but they do at least pay you for what you are doing there. It will make Joe feel good to be able to do something and not just sit around all day.

Before, a source had said that Joe wasn't making friends very easy in prison and was actually spending a lot of time in the gym. Now that Joe can't drink and is working out a lot, this could make getting in shape really easy on him. The source did say that Joe has a couple of friends that he plays cards with while in prison, though.

Not long ago Teresa Giudice shared that Joe had already lost 30 lbs. while in prison. The fact that he is working in the gym now has to make this all even easier on him.

Teresa worked really hard on her body during her time behind bars, and she has shared that she wanted her husband to do the same.

There are no details on what Joe Giudice is actually doing while in the prison gym, though. The fans would love to hear what his job is about, but ever since he went to jail, everyone has been really quiet about what is going on and how he is doing.

Are you surprised to hear that Joe Giudice has a job that is only paying him $100 a month while in prison? Do you think that Joe will end up getting out early? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" when it returns to Bravo. Joe won't be getting out of jail until 2019.