Tonja Walker joined the cast of "General Hospital" a few months ago. She was added as olivia jerome, sister of Julian (William deVry) and Ava (Maura West). Walker originated the role decades ago, and was asked to return. Fans have wondered how she is going to fit in and with sweeps rolling in, and they will finally have their answers.

Tonja Walker finishes role

It was confirmed earlier today that Tonja Walker has wrapped at "General Hospital." She shared the news with fans on her Facebook page. There were no details about how Olivia Jerome would exit Port Charles but it appears that she was not killed off.

Walker did say that she hoped to return in the future, which left things pretty open-ended. There is roughly six more weeks of Olivia Jerome slated for "General Hospital" as she confirmed she would be airing through mid-March.

There are so many possibilities for how Olivia Jerome could exit Port Charles. One major theory is that she will be hauled off to prison for the murder of Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). She is the one who ordered the bomb be planted and has caused the trickle down of complete chaos in the Corinthos family. Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jason (Billy Miller) have now figured out that Julian is being ordered around by his sister, but they have not realized it's Olivia and not Ava.

Olivia is the key to the 'Julexis' reunion

Fans have been waiting for "Julexis" to reunite. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian have been a fan-favorite, and when the writers tore them apart, there was a mini revolt. Olivia is going to be the reason behind Julian's actions and it appears that Alexis may forgive him. Sam (Kelly Monaco) seems to be believing more of what Julian has to say, and that could lead him to patch things up with her in time for the new baby arrival.

Tonja Walker hopes to return to "General Hospital" in the future, and it looks like it may be a possibility. She thanked her fans for pushing to make her comeback a reality, which was a big deal. Olivia Jerome may be gone, but Walker will continue to remain present with Facebook updates.