Better late than never! 37-year-old entertainer and ex-boyfriend of Trisha Paytas, Sean van der Wilt finally decided to tell his side of the breakup. In his newest video, Sean breaks down in tears as he discusses Trisha, rumors, and his relationship ending.


Trisha Paytas received massive attention from mainstream media back in December when she started posting frequent, impromptu vlogs about her and Sean's latest breakup. Many of the videos consisted of Trisha crying hysterically, while also accusing Sean of infidelity and homosexuality.

Her vlogs sparked an immense amount of backlash for both her and Sean. Trisha was accused of publicly outing Sean as gay and exploiting her relationship for attention.

Later on, Trisha also released a video where she claimed that Sean was suing her because of the videos.

Sean's video

Sean released his newest video 4 hours ago and it currently has 46,000 views, 8,203 likes, and 856 dislikes. In the video, Sean claims that his intention isn't to bash his ex-girlfriend.

"I am not gonna come on YouTube and bash Trisha and belittle her because that's not who I am. I love people, and I love everybody for who they are. If they have a good heart, if they are good individuals, those are the people I want to be around.

So, if any of you watching this is expecting me to do that to her, I'm not gonna do that. No matter how far this has gone."

Sean also indirectly addresses the rumors about his sexuality. "Now, there's this video circulating online of me having a damn good time and dancing and having fun like I usually do. I was with my agents, I was with my friends, doing what I usually do.

Dancing with everybody that was with us, that wasn't with us. Picking up strangers, dancing with them, that's what I do. That's what I'm known for."

Will Trisha respond?

Trisha Paytas has yet to respond to Sean's recent video, despite many of her fans asking her to. It is not yet known whether or not Trisha will post a video response to him or continue to ignore the situation.