YouTube Star, Timothy DeLaGhetto has once again delivered on his hilariously true wisdom. The 30-year-old comedian just released a response to Steve Harvey in light of his newest controversy. Steve found himself in hot water after making some jokes on his television show that were at the expense of Asian men.

Steve messes up

Steve started out by reading the title of a book called "How to Date a White Woman: a Practical Guide for Asian Men. Then, he followed up by imitating a white woman and predicting her response to his question.

"Excuse me, do you like Asian men?" he asked.

"No," Harvey answered.

After the episode aired, many viewers called out Steve, claiming that his joke was in poor taste. Viewers also claimed that Steve was reinforcing the negative stereotypes that surround Asian men. Now, it looks like Timothy DeLaghetto couldn't agree more with those criticisms.

Timothy's reaction

Timothy starts his video off with a quick joke about Steve Harvey's huge screw up at the 2015 Miss Universe Awards.

"Steve just probably read his cue card wrong. He probably meant to say, 'Are Asian guys attractive? Yes!' Cause you know, he be getting s*** backwards sometimes." The video gets slightly more serious from there.

Timothy talks about his disappointment in Steve and the media's portrayal of Asian people, specifically Asian men.

He also explains that he started his channel as a way to bring people more representation of the "cool" and "sexy" Asian. The YouTube Star has caught a lot of flack for his crass humor over the years, but he says that he continues anyway because he wants to be the change that everyone needs to see. Tim also notes that he refuses to do stereotypical movie roles because of this same reason.

Timothy's silly solution

Tim's final suggestion is that all non-Asian women need to start sleeping with Asian guys. He also encourages Asian men to groom themselves and be ready for the new wave of women that are coming to have sex with them. The video ends with Timothy going to snuggle up with his girlfriend.