The guest star of ‘This Is Us’ started crying after the Tuesday’s episode aired on February 21. Brian Tyree Henry who is the Atlanta actor told the US Weekly that he kept on crying for at least 20 minutes after that emotional episode. There was yet another reason for being emotional for Henry. His appearance was changed to look like a man in his 70s.

Flashbacks from William’s life

In the episode, William (Ron Cephas Jones) passes away in his city, Memphis which was a heart-breaking moment for the fans. Before he died, he was shown going on a road trip with his son Randall (Sterling K.

Brown). During this trip to the Tennessee city, viewers are shown flashbacks from his life about the moments William spent with his mom Dorothy (Amanda Warren), cousin Ricky (Brian Tyree Henry) and girlfriend Laurel (Jennifer Holmes).

Henry’s look transformed

In real life, Henry and Brown are best friends. Obviously, this fan of the show ‘This Is Us’ became very emotional to see William passing away. But actually, these emotions started flowing long before the episode was aired. Henry had to undergo makeup to look like a man in the 70s. He said he had told the makeup department that they were going to transform him into a man of his father’s age who is 76. He showed his father’s photo to them and told them to make him look like his father.

He felt it was really touching when he looked himself in the mirror and felt the appearance, similar to his father, would be an honor to his dad.

Henry admires Brown and Jones

Henry said it was inspiring to see Brown and Jones acting together. He was known to Ron and Sterling for quite long and for this reason, watching them on the show to work together was a beautiful thing.

He believed that he had never seen the relationship between father and son, especially the relationship of an African American dad and son, captured in such an amazing way. He further added that both of them had done a wonderful job that he had never seen before in his life.

This Is Us’ airs on NBC every Tuesday at 9 pm EST.