The US government reported that 40 percent drop was observed in the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico. John Kelly, Homeland Security Chief, commented on this changing trend saying that it happened as a result of the tough policies imposed by the President Donald Trump.

The executive order

Donald Trump has recently passed an executive order which makes it just impossible for the immigrants to cross the border illegally to gain entry into the US. Apart from this, new guidance was also issued on deportations. But the Mexico government had condemned this decision taken by the US President Donald Trump and considered it as hostile and unacceptable.

Significant drop

It is estimated that the number of undocumented immigrants who are living in the US is 11 million and most of them hail from Mexico. According to Mr. Kelly, there has been a significant drop in the number of illegal immigrants from 31578 to 18762 from January to February though during this period, the rate of inadmissible persons crossing the US-Mexico border usually increases.

Mr. Kelly reported this on Wednesday and further added that it was the result of the implementation of the executive order signed by the President Donald Trump. He said that it was only due to the enforcement of immigration laws that the lowest number of inadmissible persons was accounted in the last five years.

Revised travel ban

The administration of Mr. Donald Trump has announced new rules in the last month according to which the undocumented people would be sent to Mexico irrespective of whether their nationality is Mexican or not. In the plan, the criteria for deportations were also expanded. Even after getting constant refusals, it was ordered by the President to build a wall on the US – Mexico border and Mexico was asked to bear the cost of it.

The immigration and border control was the main part of the Trump’s election campaign, and he had promised Americans to protect them from illegal immigrants.

The president signed a revised travel ban on Monday that restricted people from 6 Muslim nations and this travel ban also faced a legal challenge from Hawaii State. Lawyers for the state have raised questions on this ban saying that it would harm the country’s residents, schools, and businesses.