In the last night’s Oscar award show that was held on February 26, the award-winning star Patricia Arquette got very disappointed when she did not find her sister Alexis Arquette’s name in one of the slides displayed in the "Oscars In Memoriam" segment. The Oscar winner spoke about how she felt when the Academy did not recognize her late sister. She said that it could have thrown a strong message to help the transgender children if the ceremony had recognized her transgender sister.

Alexis had died of HIV at the age of 47 years and was one of the few artists belonging to the transgender community.

It was a notable omission, and Patricia Arquette got very upset on this. Patricia considered it an unfortunate thing that Oscars could not show Alexis who was such an important role model for the transgender community.

Alexis had a great career as an artist

Admiring Alexis for her work in the Hollywood industry, Patricia said that Alexis was really a great actor with around 70 acting credits in her name including the movies like “The Wedding Star” and “Pulp Fiction.” Her appearance in “The Surreal Life” and her starring role in “Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother” were highly acclaimed for bringing visibility to the transgender people. She lived her life as a transgender woman very bravely, but she was cut out from the ceremony.

Patricia considers snubbing Alexis as a terrible mistake. She said that transgender kids are not even allowed to use the bathroom in schools in the US and when such kind of ignorance happened in the Oscars ceremony, it would give a significant setback to the transgender community who would never be able to look at their heroes like Alexis.

Snubbing Alexia was not the only flaw

There was another flaw in the Oscars show when Jan Chapman, an Australian producer, was shown in the Oscars "In Memoriam" segment though she is still alive. Her photo was mistakenly shown in place of late Janet Patterson, the costume designer. Jan Chapman wrote an email to “Variety” explaining this act as devastating and unfortunate. She shared that Janet was her friend and she did not feel it good for being shown in “In Memoriam” segment.