The “Vampire Diaries” is now in its season finale and with Elena back in town, unexpected events are bound to occur. Reports of Nina Dobrev’s presence for the season finale's franchise spawned a lot of controversies. Given the success of the series for many years, it is understandable why Nina’s comeback would take center stage. More details reported that TV Line also teased the upcoming marriage of Stefan and Caroline.


According to the same report, CW has released some photos from the show’s penultimate episode. It is scheduled to air by Friday, March 3 at 8/7c.

It also revealed that Stefan and Caroline’s wedding would be graced by Kelly Donovan. The series has dealt a mighty blow when Elena left the segment, but with her return, everything is rumored to tread on a more positive tone. Looking back, the show's ratings have dropped, but the momentum remained for the "Vampire Diaries."

As for the claims that Ian Somerhalder was not affected by Nina's return to the series, that seems to be true. For one, Ian playing the role of Damon remained firm that having Elena on board is good for the series and it should not be tainted with negative inclinations.

Elena and Damon's love story

The epic series has always centered on love and friendship and for the past seasons, the storyline highlighted Elena and Damon.

However, it appears that radical changes will be integrated when the series airs. Although the showrunners have remained tightlipped over the possible storyline, fans and followers are still expecting that Nina's presence would overturn the series finale and its direction.

In addition, rumors of the death of one of the major characters for the series are on the rise.

Pop Sugar also relayed that Caroline or Matt might die or even Bonnie. Despite the rising claims, Julia Plec, the showrunner of the "Vampire Diaries" has not divulged any details regarding the speculations. For the fans and followers of the vampire series, the slated premiere date is set on March 3, 2017.