Emma Watson has recently created a new Instagram account to promote ethical, Sustainable Fashion worldwide.

Watson is making the rounds on a press tour for an upcoming flick. For some years, she adopted sustainable fashion. In 2016, she said that she wants peace of mind and that’s why she has changed her collection of outfits, footwear, handbags, and even her makeup.

Emma Watson on Instagram

Now, this actress has taken her fashion activism to Instagram. Reportedly, she has created a new account (@the_press_tour), which will document her "Beauty and the Beast" press tour.

Not only this but also Emma will use this account for promoting her chic, sustainable fashion looks.

She has already shared a number of pictures. Watson's outfits include pieces from environmentally and ethically conscious fashion companies. The brands that have collaborated with Emma for this cause are “Stella McCartney,” “Filippa K.,” “Boody,” “Oscar de la Renta,” and “WORON.”

Not only this but also Watson has shared the list of companies that regularly contribute to her new looks. She has also mentioned how they are sustainable and ethical. Moreover, she has documented her ethically conscious makeup brands. According to Emma, her favorite makeup and beauty brands are “rms beauty,” “The Body Shop,” “VITA LIBERATA,” and “Jane Iredale.”

What will she share on her new Instagram account?

For now, her newly created Instagram account only has a few pictures.

No doubt, Watson looks flawless and beautiful in all of those photos. This is why fans have quickly started following Emma on this new account. She even posted a picture of an outfit by Louis Vuitton. British actress Emma wowed the audience at last year’s “Met Gala.” She was wearing a gown made entirely of plastic bottles and organic silk.

It seems that she was developing an interest in ethical and sustainable outfits for years. She has founded a line of organic cotton and hemp summer basics in collaboration with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti. Moreover, she was forefront in the promotion of the ground-breaking fashion documentary “The True Cost,” in 2015.

We admire her because Watson has taken a wise step. This “Beauty and the Beast” actress not only shares her photos on the new Instagram account but also explains how her outfits are designed.