On Tuesday, lights illuminating from the Statue Of Liberty were shut down. It was due to an unexpected Power Cut that lasted for a few hours. The National Parks Service said that it was just an unplanned outage. The lights at the world’s famous Statue of Liberty in the New York City came back few hours later.

On the Tuesday night when some lights went out, people started asking questions about the incident. People were speculating it to be a move for supporting the inequality protests of “Day Without A Woman” to be held on Wednesday. But according to the National Parks Service, it was merely due to construction work going on nearby the statue.

Pictures were taken with live-streamed cameras using EarthCam that showed parts of the Lady Statue standing in the darkness. On Wednesday, people intend to celebrate International Women’s Day and on this particular day, they would be protesting marches, rallies and strikes all across the United States.

What's the exact reason?

Official Twitter account of Women’s march observed the Statue of Liberty and tweeted: “Lady Liberty got the memo. On 3/8, we strike!” But National Parks Service clarified that the reason was not associated with Women’s Day solidarity but with construction work going on near the statue. The National Park Service also informed that further explanation behind this would be confirmed in the morning on Wednesday when the crews would return back to the island.

It was also stated that outage happened due to the work associated with an ongoing project that was meant for activating new emergency backup generator and it was part of the recovery projects of Hurricane Sandy incident. Except the crown and torch, the whole statue was standing in darkness during the night time. Photos of the statue were taken and circulated on Twitter.

Another speculation

Some other people were speculating if the outage might not be a symbol of mourning on the latest executive order passed by the President Donald Trump that limited immigration of refugees. Though the outage has not been stated to be relevant to Women’s Day but as far as the timing of outage is concerned, it appeared to be a coincidence.

After the Hurricane Sandy hit the place in the year 2012, reconstruction work is going on nearby the Statue of Liberty. After that incident which damaged the statue, the Statue of Liberty was shut down for around a month.

After few hours of darkness of outage, lights at the Statue of Liberty returned back before midnight at 05:00 GMT local time on Wednesday.