"This Is Us" fans recently came to the conclusion that Jack's funeral would be happening this season. An Instagram photo posted by Mandy Moore (Rebecca) seemed to confirm it - at first. Let's clear up the confusion.

The picture in question seems to show everyone dressed in black clothes. They are sitting in either a church or auditorium. When Mandy Moore saw all the posts of fans getting the wrong idea, she cleared it up. They were filming the finale, and she was just taking a shot to capture the moment.

A lot of grief hasn't been dealt with yet.

The family is very close, and each of the grown children has been left with a lasting impact from the death of their father. Fans have only been given bits and pieces of the story, but when Kate (Chrissy Metz) was at the weight loss camp, we saw her letting some of her emotions out that she has kept buried for so long. It has been made very clear that Kate is very close with her father.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) has found his creative outlet in acting but has come to realize he loves being on stage. In the picture that Mandy Moore had posted on Instagram, they were actually filming the family together watching his play. They weren't actually dressed in black, but the picture was dark and hard to see.

When will we learn how Jack died?

Fans are guessing how many seasons Jack and Rebecca will continue to be on the show and the details of Jack's death. The creator and show executives have shown that they know how to tell a story. As more details of how the children lost their father comes out, it will be heart-wrenching. Some viewers are guessing it will be in season 3 though there is no confirmation of this.

The creator of "This Is Us," Dan Fogelman told EW that fans would have to buckle up and hold on for the finale. He called it a "doozy." He has shown viewers that he is the king of dropping a shocker in the last few seconds of the show. No clue was given as to what cliffhanger fans will be left with for the offseason. We do know they know how to keep a secret, however.